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YoHost FAQ: General Pre-Sales Questions

Can I be sure that the two-week trial period is really free?

  Except for domain registration fees if applicable, you will not be charged for your first two weeks. When you go through the signup process, the schedule of charges will be shown very clearly before you are asked for any credit card information.

Can I open a free trial account without entering my payment information?

  Yes, you may open a free trial account if you are seriously considering purchasing hosting services from YoHost. To show that you're a legitimate prospective customer, please do the following:
(1) use this link to sign up for your account,
(2) select "decide later" as the payment method,
(3) register your domain before ordering hosting services, and
(4) sign up using the same email address that appears in the public WhoIs information for your domain.
(5) provide a valid phone number that we can call to confirm your order

If I ask YoHost to register my domain, can I still change to another hosting company in the unlikely event that I'm not satisfied with your service?

  Yes, just provide your new nameserver information, and we'll make the change for you. Alternatively, you can transfer the domain to another registration service.

What forms of payment do you accept?

  YoHost accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and PayPal for annual, quarterly, or monthly payments. Checks and money orders can be used for annual payments.

What name will appear on my credit card statement?

  Credit card payments will be clearly identified as YoHost.com.

If I pay monthly, when will I be charged?

  Credit card and PayPal payments are collected in advance, on or near the first day of each month. Your first payment will be processed at least two weeks after you sign up, and is typically a prorated amount for a partial month of service. The charges and dates will be clearly displayed when you go through the signup process. (In some cases the actual charges are delayed past the date indicated, but they will never be earlier unless requested by you.)

If I cancel my account, will I receive a refund for unused service?

  Yes, a prorated refund will be issued upon request.

If you paid for a year of service, your "free month" would be forfeited. Example: You paid $110 for one year on Plan A, and you cancel after 8.3 months. Your first two weeks were free, so your total charge is ($10/month) * (7.8 months) = $78. Your refund is $32.

I don't have a domain name. Do you offer subdomain hosting (sub.yohost.com) or IP-only hosting?

  No, you must have your own domain name in order to qualify for a YoHost account.

How reliable is your server's Internet connection?

  Very! Please see this page for more information about the network, and see status.yohost.com for the current status and actual uptime statistics.

How quickly do you respond to requests for support?

  Almost all requests are answered within 12 hours, and many issues are resolved within an hour or less.

I have a large number of domains. How will I manage the domains pointed to my account?

  For Linux accounts, you can use the CPanel to set up parked domains (domains that have the same content as your main domain) or, for Plan B or higher, addon domains (whose content is hosted in a subdirectory of your main domain). See the multiple domains page for more information. If you have requested a reseller account, you can also use WebHost Manager to manage multiple hosting accounts for your customers.

For Windows accounts, you can use the SolidCP control panel to manage multiple websites. Each website is set up in a separate directory with separate FTP access. Domain aliases are also available. We can also provide a reseller account which allows you to use SolidCP's reseller interface to manage multiple hosting accounts for your customers.

Can you provide a dedicated IP for my account?

  Yes, a dedicated IP is available upon request.

Can you help me install my scripts?

  Yes, in most cases YoHost will install scripts for you at no charge. For Linux accounts, there is also a selection of scripts which can be installed automatically by your account control panel.

What is your spam policy?

  Spam is prohibited. Spamming accounts will be cancelled immediately, for the protection of other customers on the server.

Do you allow download sites for illegal software (warez)?


Do you allow adult sites?


But what about ... ??

  If you still have questions, please contact YoHost and ask! Chances are, you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you receive an answer.

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