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Multiple Domain Hosting: Windows Accounts

Our Windows plans allow you to 2-10 completely separate sites, each with its own FTP account and separate email features. You can also set up "domain aliases" to host additional domains with identical content.

Multiple Domain Hosting: Linux Accounts

YoHost offers many options for people who own more than one domain. You can host several or even dozens of domains in a single YoHost account. Each domain can either be pointed to either the primary domain or to any subdomain that you have defined using the CPanel. These are "real" pointers, not a frame or forwarding trick.

The ability to point to a subdomain makes it easy to set up websites with different content, all within one hosting account. It is also possible to use mod_rewrite, PHP, or other methods to provide separate content even when pointing to your primary domain.

Email Handling: Linux Accounts

Please note that YoHost's multiple domain feature is intended for people who own or manage more than one domain. It is not intended to be used as a reseller account. As such, you can define forwarders for pointed domains, but you cannot set up Pop3 accounts for pointed domains.

WebHost Manager (WHM)

WHM allows you to instantly create additional Linux-based accounts for yourself or your customers. See our Resellers page.

Multiple Account Discount

If you find it necessary to open more than one account in order to accommodate your websites, we offer a discount on the standard Linux accounts (Plans A through E) as follows:
  • Two standard accounts: 10% discount on both hosting accounts
  • Three standard accounts: 20% discount on all Linux-based hosting accounts
  • Four to six standard accounts: 30% discount on all Linux hosting accounts
  • Seven or more standard accounts: 40% discount on all Linux hosting accounts
If you already have a standard account with us, you also qualify to open Mini accounts. Each Mini account includes 10 MB disk space, 1 gig monthly data transfer, and 5 email addresses for $5 per month (can be discounted). Mini accounts do not include subdomains or pointers.

Use this link to sign up for discounted accounts or Mini accounts. This pricing structure is based on the assumption that all of your accounts are billed monthly to a single credit card. Only the first account qualifies for "two weeks free."

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