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Domain name registration

YoHost requires a registered domain before providing hosting services. YoHost can register your domain for you; please use the form at the top of this page to verify that the domain is available. Unless you request otherwise, you will be listed as the domain owner and administrative contact, and YoHost will be listed as the technical contact.

If your domain is registered elsewhere, please set up the nameservers as specified below. Note: Free "registration" services such as namezero and .tk are not compatible with our service, because they do not allow you to set nameservers.

Nameservers for Linux-based Accounts (Plans A-E)

    Name   IP
Primary Nameserver ns.yohost.com
Secondary Nameserver ns2.yohost.com

Nameservers for Windows-based Accounts (Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald Plans)

    Name   IP
Primary Nameserver ns1.win-dns.com
Secondary Nameserver ns2.win-dns.com
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