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YoHost Network and Server Information

Data Center

Our Linux and Windows hosting servers are hosted in our private server cabinets at SVTIX in San Jose, California. We use virtual server technology hosted on RAID-equipped Dell 2950 servers which are connected directly to the Internet using Hurricane Electric bandwidth, one of the top ten networks in the world.


Our uptime statistics are available at status.yohost.com which also serves as an off-network monitoring system, ensuring that we are notified promptly any time there is a problem with any of the servers.

Redundant DNS

Most hosting companies house their secondary nameserver in the same facility, or even on the same machine, as the primary one. YoHost believes that is a poor approach, so we host our secondary nameservers in Walla Walla, Washington, through a completely separate network. Some advantages to this approach are:
(1) Snappier Performance: In the event that a particular ISP has a temporary slow connection to our primary location, lookups still complete quickly.
(2) More Reliable Mail: In the unlikely event of a server outage, external mail servers are far more likely to hold your mail for later delivery if they can successfully look up the IP address of our server.
(3) Emergency Response: If there is an extreme denial-of-service attack requiring a change of IP numbers, we can react quickly without the DNS propagation problems faced by other hosts.
(4) German domain? No problem! German domains (.de) require nameservers on separate Class C's.

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