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YoHost Customer Testimonials

Please also see our listing at Forta.com for more comments about our ColdFusion hosting service.

BTW, in case I haven't mentioned it, my husband and I think that you are THE BEST web hosting guy/biz we have worked with. I have worked with my share of hosting services ... and they are all terrible. Thanks for all your efforts in getting us started!!!

– Carmen from Content Vista

I can't believe how good your customer service is! I'm not just feeding you a line either... that's as good as having the server in my own house.

– Jared from Web Without Worry

Thanks for all your help, is what customer service is all about! especially since I realize the free advice takes your time and puts no immediate money in your pocket. Doing business with companies like yours make me feel like my money is well spent and because of it will continue doing so.

– Dan from Gold'nKrackle

Thank you so much ... I truly appreciate you, Brett. You have my loyalty, and I will let my friends know of your service.

– Kathy from Native Essence

YoHost's tools make adding domains a breeze and the support over Instant Messaging is awesome. First rate shop!

– Frank from My 800 Vanity Numbers

I have been very happy with your service. I think you have done a far better job for me than any other company, large or small could have done. I thank you for that.

– IWJ from PrimeStay.com

We are very pleased. You have gone out of your way to help us with problems that weren't even your problems! I recommend you to everyone I know who has a site and might be interested because your technical and customer service is superb. Keep up the great work!

– Shirley from CraftSayings.com

First off you guys rock. Your promptness is fantastic.

– Jason from kernan.us

The hallmark of YoHost's hosting has been the quick response time.

– George from PLATon-line.com

Thanks for everything. I'm celebrating switching to YoHost every single day!

– Anonymous

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