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Hassle-Free SSL Certificates at no extra charge!

All of our hosting accounts include free setup for https://your.domain or https://secure.your.domain using a "Let's Encrypt" certificate.

These certificates are compatible with 99% of Internet browsers, including Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox 2.0+, MSIE on Windows XP SP3 and higher, Android 2.3.6+, and Safari 4.0+.

We also offer Extended Validation "Green Bar" certificates at extra cost. (Choose "GeoTrust EV" in the order form below. Extra paperwork may be required to document your business, as described here.)

Here is how to order:

(1) If you are not already a YoHost customer, please compare our plans and open an account. This SSL certificate offer is only available to YoHost hosting customers.

(2) Complete the form below to purchase your certificate.

(3) That's it! We'll handle all the details, and typically your certificate will be installed within 12 hours.

Order Form

  • Please specify the fully-qualified domain you want secured, typically www.your.domain which will allow browsers to view https://www.your.domain or https://your.domain
  • If you specify your.domain (without www), browsers will display a warning when trying to view https://www.your.domain (with www).
  • If you specify an alternative such as secure.your.domain, browsers will display a warning when trying to view http://your.domain or http://www.your.domain.
  • In general, SSL should be set up for a primary domain in your hosting account. Please contact us if you need a special SSL setup such as an alias, parked domain, addon domain, or subdomain.
      Domain https://
      [include prefix such as www or secure.]
      Certificate Type
      Hosting Platform
      Your Name (First) (Last)
      Company Name (if applicable)
      Company Division (if applicable)
      Address (Required)
      Address Line 2 (Optional)
      City State/Province
      Zip or Postal Code Country
      Email (Required)
      Phone (Required)
      Payment Method

      Are other options available?

      Free Option: A server-wide secure certificate is available for all YoHost shared hosting customers.

      Other Certificates: We can provide most kinds of SSL certificates. If you prefer a particular kind of certificate, please contact us for our pricing, or you can purchase it from the SSL provider of your choice.

      Transfer Option: If you already have a certificate that you are using on another host, you may be able to transfer it to YoHost. For Windows hosting, please provide the .pfx import file and password. For Linux hosting, please provide the .key and .crt files.

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