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Got Spam? We can help!

YoHost offers some of the best spam and virus protection available! Our Linux-based server and our spam gateways use use Exim's content-scanning capability (formerly Exiscan) to reject most spam and viruses at the gateway, during the SMTP dialog which has many benefits over traditional filtering methods:
  • Sender Notification: If an email is blocked, the delivering server is notified immediately. This means your address should be removed from some spam lists, due to unsuccessful spam delivery attempts. And, in the unlikely event that legitimate mail is rejected by mistake, the sender is notified.
  • No bounces to forged addresses: Delivery errors are communicated during the SMTP dialog, which means no extra email is being sent to any forged address in spam messages. (In other words, our server does not generate "bounce spam.")
  • No Spam Bucket: There is no need to sort through a "spam bucket" looking for incorrectly tagged email, because the spam is rejected at the gateway.
  • User Configurable: You can use the hosting control panel to configure the spam checking options for your domain.
  • Detailed Logs: We maintain detailed logs of mail that is delivered or blocked. So, if you have any concerns about a particular message, we can usually track it down.

YoHost hosting accounts automatically provide these spam-blocking features by default.

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